Ready for a BRA Makeover, Ladies? Lifetime Brings You “Double Divas”


Ready for a BRA Makeover, Ladies? Lifetime Brings You “Double Divas”

Well ladies, the time has finally come, dont’cha think? It’s time you had a BRA makeover!!

Lifetime is bringing you an all-new exciting reality show boasting a hilariously unfiltered cast exuding Southern charm and hospitality — the show is called DOUBLE DIVAS!

Double Divas follows Atlanta’s renowned boutique LiviRae Lingerie owners and best friends Molly Hopkins, the “boob whisperer,” and Cynthia Richards, the “Thomas Edison” of custom lingerie, as they display their natural talent helping women with any and all intimate apparel needs.

Watch Double Divas, a Lifetime docuseries that offers an eye-opening peek into the world of intimate apparel.

Check out the promo below where Molly & Cynthia are “Sizing America One Bra at a Time!” Double Divas premieres January 10th at 10/9c on Lifetime!

Full sneak peek here



  • Verna

    Just when I thought TV couldn’t possible get any stupider, some idiot comes up with this a$$inine idea. Life Time is going to heck in a hand basket.

    • Claudia

      I agree, but when you write “stupider” you are being “dumber.”

      • grammar nazi

        actually stupider and dumber are both words soooo i dont really see your point

        • Grammar Nazi is stupid

          For a grammar nazi you really don’t have any proper grammar at all!

    • EmmaMad

      And just when I thought internet comments couldn’t get any more pointless, you came along!

    • Randomness

      This conversation is going in my web forum signature.

  • Murat Haci


  • Ali Ville Fitri


  • Rhonda

    Ok, I can see why some people would be fascinated with people that need special bra’s for outrageous sizes, but seriously, a whole show based on bra fittings? What is tv programming coming to?

  • hhb


  • rtgjeg

    My prediction for 2013 – The shortest running TV program EVER!!!

  • Weaksauce

    well as a man lifetime has no interest for me because most of the movies a guy does something to a women and she needs payback… sorry but if this is what women what i guess life time will just keep giving it to them :)

  • Chris Revers

    i might like this looking at real big tits i cant wait i love tits

  • Blue Strong

    All righty then!

  • Stephanie Rodriguez

    I mean it could be worse o__o

  • M

    This could be a step in either the right direction or the wrong direction. For example, I wear a 28G in British sizes (I’ve never seen the like from an American manufacturer so I don’t know what the letter would be here), and I never would have known that if I hadn’t started Googling and educated myself. (It only sounds like an outrageous size, and you can laugh, but wearing a well-fitted bra is seriously TRANSFORMATIONAL.) On the other hand, if they keep peddling this “all women fit into only a few sizes” bullshit a la Victoria’s Secret and the rest of the American industry…

  • Lady Lala

    As a woman of a larger bust I have watched and LOVE the show. If Its not for you don’t watch. I bet there is at least one woman in your life that truly feels like this show is so needed. I almost came to tears when the were able to fit Norma. It makes me feel like there is hope for me after all.