Woman Loses Limbs from Complications with Butt Injections (Video)


Scratchin’ my head. Can someone tell me why? Just plain ol’ WHY? Why the butt injections, huh? It’s not natural, so please..please don’t do this procedure.  It’s certainly not worth losing any limbs trying to get a big butt, ladies.

And a black woman at that?? How flat can it be? Lord have mercy.

As the butt injections controversy heats up in the media, more and more women appear to ignore the cautionary tales and continue to receive butt injections. This story should cause many to think before getting one more shot.

This post is starting to get outside of my scope of practice so you can go here for the rest of the story.  I did, however, inject the video below for your viewing. Poor woman. Sad case.

Screengrab: April Brown was a cosmetologist and fashion designer before getting butt injections that complicated her life.

View more videos at: http://nbclosangeles.com.