The Number One Divorce Stopper (Part 1)


Divorce is prevalent everywhere. Maybe you are a person who has gone through a divorce. Maybe you’ve never been married. Or maybe you’ve been through a lot of relationships and can’t seem to keep a man or woman.  Things just never seem to work out.  Well, when it comes to marriage, and I’m speaking from experience, the number one “divorce stopper” is very simple: prayer.

People are quick to get married and quick to get a divorce nowadays. Our high divorce rate proves that people no longer respect or honor the marriage covenant, neither do they respect their own words. What ever happened to “through thick and thin?” or, “till death do us part?

People who are not willing to stick through a marriage are immature and selfish in many ways. But first, let me make things clear; if you are in a physically abusive relationship –get out. Point blank. You don’t deserve it, and I don’t care what marriage papers you have. This post isn’t about staying in a marriage while you’re getting knocked upside your head.

Also, if you caught your man or woman cheating…AND YOU HAVE PROOF—hey, you don’t need to be in that either. What’s the sense of being in a relationship if you can’t even trust a man…or woman?

Anyway, divorce is awful, and it’s an emotionally horrible situation to experience for many. I’ve never been divorced but I know about the horror stories. But I really want this blog to help some people. I don’t claim to know everything but I do know a lot of things.

I got married at 21 back in 1992 and my 20 year anniversary is coming up at the end of the year, so I do know some things about marriage and relationships.

If you’re having problems in your marriage, I’d like to share with you what I call “The Number One Divorce Stopper.” I can write a book on this subject, and guess what? You don’t have to be married for this to work for you. So hang tight with me, and hear me out for Part 2 coming up!


    Congrats, to you and your wife. Its very refreshing to see young people stick with their marriage. I have only been married 2yrs but sometimes, I am afraid when I see the divorce rate and statistics. We constantly pray together and read scriptures. When we get upset we are learning not to scream but wait until we cool off and discuss the manner. So, thank you for this wonderful article

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