Hughes Brothers Sued Over ‘Book Of Eli’ Movie


“Menace II Society” filmmaking twins Allen and Albert Hughes have been hit with a copyright lawsuit over their Denzel Washington movie “The Book Of Eli.”  Great movie, by the way.

According to, Georgia-based writer Bridgette Burgin has accused the brothers of stealing the movie’s premise from her unpublished work “The Final Call” after she submitted 10 chapters of the book into a Writers Digest contest.

Burgin claims that judges who screened the manuscripts were allowed to hold on to the works after the competition, and she alleges two of them then supplied her project to Gary Whitta, “The Book of Eli” screenwriter.

Burgin is now seeking damages for injury to her professional reputation and diminution of her intellectual property since there were more than 50 similarities between the two works.

According to, Burgin is also asking for a temporary order to ban further distribution of the film.