Rapper Coolio and Son Arrested in Vegas

Coolio 2012 Mug-Shot

Wow, I just glanced over a post about rapper Coolio’s son gettin’ arrested in Las Vegas–somethin’ about him and a hooker robbing somebody.

And now rapper Coolio himself was arrested in Las Vegas today and is currently behind bars at the same jail as his son. Oh lawd.

Anyway, Law enforcement officials say Coolio was a passenger in a Nissan Versa which was pulled over for a routine traffic violation early Friday morning. Turns out Coolio had 2 active bench warrants stemming from multiple traffic violations.

Wow, this happened to me when I was 15 over some unpaid parking tickets.  Worst time to get busted is on a Friday! Glad they let me go after a few hours. And yes, I have been to juvenile hall before–BIG SHOCKER! Haha.

Coolio’s bail has been set at $5,850. A court date has not yet been set.