Throwback Video: Dr. Dre, When He Was A Kid!

Dr Dre Kid

When you see this video of super music producer Dr Dre when he was a little kid; it’s gonna make you wonder why he never ended up a child actor. Somebody shoulda gave this kid a TV series.  Charming!  What charisma.  Must-see.  He shoulda at least been in the “What’s Goin’ Down?” episode of That’s My Mama!

Update: Just found out that this kid isn’t Dr. Dre but a child named Ronald Blair Wilkinson. But we all wanted him to be Dre, didn’t we?

  • moses joe jr.

    Next when ў☺ΰ call nelson mandela, oprah winfrey, jay.z, bob marley, martin luther king, dr. Dre, pastor td jakes, fela, mohammed ali, malcolm X, tupac, don’t forget to mention the name shavar ross. Names making black skin proud…