Detox Day 8 Complete


I have a good feeling about 2012. I haven’t felt this way in many years.  In fact, I feel so good about the upcoming year that I’m cleaning out my “insides” to prepare for it. Yep, today is detox Day 9 for me and I feel great. I really want to be more health conscious in the coming years so I’m in “preventive” mode right now.  We ain’t gettin any younger that’s for sure.

And I’m a black man, too? My people are known for eating fatty foods and having high blood pressure.  Nope, not gonna happen to me ’cause I’m not gonna let it. The least I can do is eat better, exercise and keep my blood pressure at bay…I would like to see my daughter get married one day.

You young peeps may not understand it now but you’ll see later on…hopefully.  Anyway, let me tell you my regime. Some people on Facebook wanted to know what I was doing to detox and I thought maybe it could help you too.  I’m not a health expert–just sharing with you on what I’ve been up to.

Here’s what I shared on Facebook.  Let me know how it goes.  I can’t believe how fast this year has gone…it’s almost over! Time keeps on slippin…slippin…

Hey yall! Well it started about 6 months ago when I quit coffee. I went to decaf after that but it was just not the same so I stopped that also. Unhealthy food goes straight to my skin (everyone’s different) in the form of blackheads, acne, dark spots, etc., and I started noticing it more. So I did a little research and realized I was dehydrated and didn’t even know it. About 2 weeks ago I started drinking a lot more water and started feeling better and a lot more energized.

Some people fast for health or spiritual reasons but for me, at my age, it’s important for me to live a “fasted” lifestyle now. Life is too precious! Right now the regime it pretty simple, lol: about a gallon of purified/spring water throughout the day each day–no meat–no chicken, no fish, no processed foods, no dairy, lol…I know, I know. Just fruits and vegetables, soups, juicing, unsalted raw nuts, etc. 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar a day is good. I’d like to go all-organic soon but I’m not quite there yet. Tofu is not all that bad. The Master Cleanser is great too…I used to do that.

And then there’s the one where you have to drink 16oz of pure virgin olive oil in under a minute, lol. Only thing I have to say about that one is DON’T LAY DOWN, LOL!! Just read and research before you do anything. I blogged about a woman a while back who was fasting for spiritual reasons and she would drink only water and locked herself in a room for days. She died. So you have to use wisdom in whatever you do. You do not have to go as extreme as I have as it has been a process of time for me to get to this point. Again, everyone is different. Some may need to cut off sodas, some may need to turn down a few drinks, hamburgers and exercise more, etc. It’s your choice, your decision…Decision 2012!