10 New Birth Church Members Sue Bishop Eddie Long [Video]


Always somethin’.  First I recently read about Bishop Eddie Long tryin’ to get monies back from “them boys” for breaking the gag order; they talked about the case in an interview with the Atlanta Journal Constitution not too long ago, and one (Centino Kemp) even tweeted his frustrations about Long on the social networking site Twitter. And now…oh Lord…

10 New Birth Missionary Church members are suing Bishop Eddie Long for bad money management.

Apparently ten church members lost more than a million dollars after investing in a company Bishop Eddie Long endorsed back in October 2009. A lawsuit was filed Wednesday in DeKalb County state court, reports Elev8.com.

According to court documents, a three-day investment seminar was held at Long’s church in 2009, and church members were encouraged to invest in a company named City Capital Corporation. The company’s then-CEO, Ephren Taylor, attended and was heralded by Long.

Bishop Long previously stated to his congregation in regards to Taylor:

“I am responsible for everyone I bring before you and what they say,” Long said at the seminar, according to the lawsuit.“The gentleman that I am going to bring before you is an ordained minster. That gives me great pride to bring him for you.”