Malcolm Jamal Warner Chats “Reed Between the Lines” on Good Day NY


I’m excited to see one of my old buddies back on TV again.  I’m always glad to support positive family shows like this.  So Theo is back! Sorry M-J (Malcolm-Jamal Warner), you know I couldn’t resist.

Anyway, so will you guys be checking out BET‘s new show “Reed Between the Lines?” The show also stars Tracee Ellis Ross.

Don’t call it The Cosby Show Part Deux though, but Malcolm did say the show was striving to capture that same “sense of universality, that sense of positive family values and family love, and a couple that’s actually happily married.”

That’s great.  Oh yeah, and shout out to my young friend ZOE! She plays one of the kids on the show.  Photographed her a few times for her TV/Theatrical headshots a few years back–I’m excited for her–check out one of my shots of Zoe here. That lil girl knows how to pose!

I always get excited when I see my kid clients get work in the biz—seems like they’re all workin’!

Read Between the Lines premieres tomorrow, Tuesday, Oct. 11 at 10PM ET on BET.  Check out the video below.

  • Will Saunders

    I've been looking forward to this. I love the work of both Tracee and Malcolm. I missed the premiere, however I plan to catch it next week.

  • http://bet mariam

    i will love to be on your show