MGM Wants to Remake the Film ‘War Games’


A “War Games” reboot? Huh? Wow, okay.  War Games is one of several major remake projects that newly reconstituted MGM has in the works. The original 1983 movie had Matthew Broderick and Ally Sheedy starring as computer prodigies who finds a back door into a military computer program. They think they’re playing games with the computer only to find they could trigger WWIII if the computer launches nuclear missiles at the Russians.

Gonna be interesting to see how they’re gonna remake this and in this new internet/digital age, the story concept for the movie should be a breeze. And according to Deadline, and most likely referring to the possible success of the revamp, “the level of sophistication with video games and the Internet in the digital age opens a wealth of possibilities.”

Are you looking forward to this? Blah, you’re probably too young to remember the original.

  • Will Saunders

    "Would you like to play a game?" (in my computer voice)
    OMG, this is one of the handful of movies I've seen like 12 or more times, I kid you not…no exaggeration. I don't know that I'd support a remake though, especially given the track record of most remakes. They tend not to do so well. However, as Deadline pointed out about all the advances there have been with technology, there can be a lot of directions the producers can take it. In a way, it might be good as a remake.