Rebecca Black’s Popular ‘Friday’ Video Yanked from YouTube


Oh no! 13-year-old Rebecca Black‘s popular “Friday” music video has been taken down from YouTube and it’s all because of a dispute over the rights to the video.

The page where the video used to play now says “is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Rebecca Black.”

Black’s peeps sent a takedown notice to YouTube because of a dispute over the video with Ark Music Factory, the company Black’s parents reportedly paid $4,000 to produce the song and video.

Earlier this week, the firm started charging viewers $2.99 to watch the clip.

Lawyers for Black and Ark Music have been fighting over who owns the rights to everything associated with “Friday” since it became a sensation earlier this year.

The video went supa viral and has garnered more than 160 million views! 160 million views, eh? I’d be fightin’ too.