Uncle Luke from the ‘2 Live Crew’ Runs for Mayor [Video]


Times sure have changed. You know you’re getting up there in years when you find out Uncle Luke (Luther Campbell) from the rap group the “2 Live Crew” is running for mayor of Miami. Believe it or not, Luke is serious about it…even though the video depicts a more comedic side to him. Okay, so, Luke…if you don’t become mayor, there’s always stand-up comedy.

In the vid, Uncle Luke says that black candidates are bought and paid for by Julio Robaina. Too funny..he’ll definitely get the “popular vote,” lol.

Oh this brings “flashback” memories of the time when I was 18, and my homey Decey and I drove down to Miami from L.A.–couldn’t wait to get to Club Strawberries (y’know, that club from the Me So Horny video? LOL!) and hang out with Uncle Luke. Crazy times…I was young, don’t judge me, lol. And no, I won’t put up a throwback video up of that one fellas! LOL!!

Okay, lemme get back in the spirit–hmm…I wonder what church this meeting was held in…hmmm?