First Lady Michelle Obama Can Do ‘The Dougie,’ Too?


Wow, who knew First Lady Michelle Obama could do “The Dougie?”  Wait, I take that back–a lot of you already knew, my bad.

And why do I get the feeling Mrs. Obama is still holding back a little?  See video.

This dance ain’t dyin’ no time soon, I see, lol.

Hmm, I wonder if I can still do the Tootsie Roll, be right back, let me go find a mirror.

The country’s efforts to combat childhood obesity started an initiative by Michelle Obama in the “Move Your Body Campaign”. The First Lady paired with team Beyonce in using the song and choreography “Give Me Body”, in an easy to follow cardio dance routine that should get every child/student interested in physical fitness. The dance choreography is a combination of Hip-Hop, Salsa, Dancehall and many other contemporary urban dance vocabularies.