Blank Stare: Lady Gaga’s Parisian Outfit?


Ah, only in Pareee.  No…actually Lady Gaga dresses like this all the time, lol–not just in Paris, at Palais Royal.  And should we be shocked at Gaga’s latest outfit?

Probably not.  I must admit, I do get a little “bewildered” when I see her out and about in these skimpy outfits.  Where does this boldness come from?  I would be a little embarrassed if I were a woman.  SMH, I dunno, maybe it’s “liberating.”  But okay, I’ll be nice as I usually am and give her the benefit of the doubt by assuming it was probably a record-breaking, heat-shattering, extremely hot evening on the streets of Paris–that NIGHT.

Anyway, okay Gaga fans, here’s some of the pics below.