Kim Kardashian to host ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ Special on ABC


I’m sure some of you ladies (and some guys) will be tuning into this one, hehe.

Hey, I just report these things but Kim Kardashian is “soooo excited to host People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive special!!!”

It’s called 25 Years of Sexy: People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive! and it airs on Wednesday, November 17 at 10pm on ABC so find out who the top 25 sexiest men alive are.  Who do you think will win this year?? What are your predictions? [KK]

And finally, for you “serious” Kim Kardashian fans; you’ll be happy to know that Kimmy K made the cover of South Africa’s Cosmopolitan magazine–veddy, veddy inTUResting…

Marsha Marsha Marsha.  Kimmy Kimmy Kimmy.

Photo/Kim Kardashian