Picture: Keyshia Cole’s Son Daniel (First Look)


A very jubilant Keyshia Cole posted one of the first pictures of her son Daniel Hiram Gibson, Jr. via her Twitter account–about 2 hours before this posting to be exact.

First spotted this at MissJia.com but apparently Sandra Rose was the first to actually get the “first look,” lol.

Anyway, for all you Keyshia Cole fans out there, here’s the pic below.  Cute lil’ guy.

The last time I posted something on KC, she was preggers back in December of ’09!



  • Khiyon's Mama

    he looks just like her so adorable Congratulations on your bunddle of joy

  • http://only1lilp@yahoo.com lil bit

    Congrats keshia u look soooo happy wit yo new bundle of joy and u got blessed wit a boy(lucky you)…..im happy fo u and yo new found life i wish you all da best and may god bless u remember to keep him 1st!! God bless…..libras rule baby

  • Nakia Nicholson

    OMG I LOVE Keyshia Cole nd her baby makes my love for her grow fonder he's soooo cute=)

  • mabel

    he is too cute God bless him

  • bigk

    I am sssssssooooooo proud of you keyshia cole gurl!!!! congrats to your blessings gurl and love you ssssssssoooooooooo much!!!!

  • c

    she looks very happy..congrats

  • Nichole

    Your son is so cute and i hope you and your family the best time with your son just have fun with him love him and he will do the same for you and his dad cant want to hear the next new song and your son looks just like you i hope that your son is going to have all the girls all over him cause he is so cute have fun with your family

  • destiny

    u are blessed u have a beatiful baby u are really really blessed u admire me im 10 years old.i have myspace red background flower

  • ophelia beamon

    god bless u and ur new family and the rest of ur family too.merry christmas and a happy new year

  • Kaeisha woodard

    keyshia u have a pretty lil boy

  • Ms.b

    Keyshia your son is sooooooooooooo adorable and u bounced back quick u have a beatiful family and i absolutly adore your determination in everythang u do keep up the good work regardless of what the haters say u will always be number 1…..luv ya lots muahhhhhh

  • HisS ShaWtYii

    he is so cute…. and remember to always but him first……[kisSeS]

  • janika

    wats up keyshia u have a pretty boy to me he look just like u have fun with your new family i wish i was u girl.luv you

  • http://yahoo.com Hydia

    He is jus too cute keyshia i am so proud of yhu yhu a mother now n keep doing what yhu doing n one more thang i love ur new song take me away

  • diamond

    awww yall look just a like

  • ashley

    congrats keyshia cole!!! u have a beautiful son.. he looks just like u.. keep it updated with pics..