Divorce Court: Woman Hums, Calls on Jesus AND Elijah to Keep her Peace!


LOL! Forgive me in advance. And no, I don’t watch Divorce Court (except that one time when Gary Coleman was on) or court shows but this one right here? LOL!

I figured it must be a reason (hint hint, um ratings) court shows remain on the air as they’ve been on for many years. If it ain’t the drama, it’s got to be the COMEDY that keeps these shows alive!

Anyway, when a friend on Facebook posted this on his wall, I couldn’t help but to be a little curious. I don’t particularly care for all the bickering and arguing on these programs but when I heard this woman (Deitra Hicks aka D’atra Hicks) hummin’…lol, callin’ on Jesus AND Elijah to keep her peace, I couldn’t help but laugh, lol–pure comedy. But it was a good laugh. And there was even a happy ending–kinda touching…