Nicki Minaj XXL Magazine Photos

Here’s a few pics of rising hip-hop star and rapper Nicki Minaj in XXL Magazine.

Oh boy, I can hear my “religious peeps” now, lol:

Deaconess Ida Edmonson: (on phone) “Reverend Harris…Reverend Harris..da boy now up and loadin’ X-rated pictures of dat dere Nicki Mayonnaise girl now…”
Reverend Harris: “Da boy what?”
Deaconess Ida: “Uh huh…(shakin head)..we need to keep that boy lifted up in prayer…call ya back after I read what it sayin’. (click)

Ma’am, you read it too quick, DID YOU HEAR ME SAY XXX?
XXL Magazine is a Hip-Hop magazine for cryin’ out loud. See there, already judgin’…lol, knowin’ you still listen to them Red Foxx albums on that 8-track.

Ooops, sorry, got off “track”…ANYYYWAAAY…

Nicki recently dropped out of her planned tour with Rihanna and parted ways with her manager of three years.

Sounds like her camp may have intentions of taking her career to “the next level”–whatever that may be.

She’s on a serious hustle so we’ll continue to watch how her career develops.

However, she does remind me of Lil’ Kim sometimes, lol, but don’t know if that’s such a bad thing.

She seems to have a Lil’Kim/Marilyn Monroe kinda vibe goin’ on in these photos.