Jennifer Hudson: The New Face AND Body of Weight Watchers

She recently had a baby AND managed to keep the weight off.

So what’s been the big secret behind Oscar-winning actress and recording artist Jennifer Hudson‘s trim(mer) body?

Weight Watchers!

That’s right, in fact, the new mom revealed she’s the new spokesperson for the company today.

“With Weight Watchers, I am enjoying the weight loss because I’m doing it the right way—I feel empowered with what I’ve learned, everything from portion control to what foods will help keep me satisfied,” says the 28-year-old. “It’s a lifestyle change, not a diet.”

Empowered? Did she say “empowered,” ladies? Gents? Wow, that’s a powerful statement.  Somethin’ must be workin’.

Anyway, the Oscar-winning actress-singer—who has a 7-month-old son, David Daniel Otunga Jr., with her fiancé David Otunga, 28—also likes how the diet fits into her busy lifestyle.

“I can follow the plan no matter where I am, still enjoy my favorite foods and even use the iPhone app to track my points,” she says.

Hudson is no stranger to publicly discussing her weight: After being called “the big girl” as a contestant on American Idol, the singer transformed her body for her Oscar-winning turn as Effie in Dreamgirls by packing on more than 20 lbs. with a diet of “cakes and cookies and lots of fried food,” she told PEOPLE. She later lost the weight for the premiere of the film.

Celebrities who have represented Weight Watchers in the past include Jenny McCarthy, Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson, and Lynn Redgrave.

Have you tried Weight Watchers? If not, will you be trying it now?

I actually thought ‘Precious’ star Gabourey Sidibe would have been a great candidate as well. Well, let’s just hope both these ladies stay healthy for the long-term.

-story derived from People

  • Crystal

    I think Gabby would have been a great candidate as well however. Do we do this for the paycheck, for good health, or both? No matter the case you have to WANT to do this. I wish Jennifer divine health no matter what her weight is.(within reason that is, lol)

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