There Really IS a Gordon Gartrell

There was nothin’ like the joy of having “The Cosby Show” come into our homes every Thursday night.

They sure don’t make good television like they used to though some folks may beg to differ.  But out of the nearly 200 episodes of  “The Cosby Show,” who can forget the memorable ‘Gordon Gartrell’ episode with my boy Malcolm-Jamal Warner?

And speakin’ of Malcolm, I need to do a follow-up post to talk about his successful Miles Long jazz/funk band.

Anyway, like the geek somewhat of a historian that I am, I found out that there actually IS a Gordon Gartrell–fashion line, that is.

I wonder how business is doin’ lol.

Note: Also, totally forgot but someone reminded me that Gordon Gartrelle (with the extra “e” added at the end) was a writer/producer on The Cosby Show.

  • Taiwan Brown

    I got to see MJW at the season one finally of Lifetime's Sheri… i was gonna go to his show (Miles Long) at that night but had to leave the city :(