On Tyra: Woman with Elephant Legs

Today’s “Tyra Show” had some very “interesting” people on it.  They’re actually guests who suffer from bizarre conditions, including a woman who suffers gargantuan growth in her legs.

Tyra also spoke with a panel of women who all have two vaginas.  Yes, you heard it right.

Mandy Sellars, whose bottom half of her body weighs 210 pounds, tells Tyra she had previously tried liposuction on her leg to no avail.

“In ‘95 I had liposuction on this knee area here. It took away about six pounds of weight and within the space of maybe a few months it doubled in size again…I wish I never had it done, but hindsight is a wonderful thing, isn’t it?”

Tyra also talks with Sellars about the struggles and challenges she faces living with legs that are extremely out of proportion with the rest of her body, including the expense that goes into purchasing footwear. Mandy’s right foot is 16 inches long and 7 inches wide and her custom made shoes cost $3,800 a pair.

We don’t know how she managed to do it, but Tyra found five women who all have twice as many female organs as the average woman. One woman even reveals becoming pregnant in both of her uteruses at the same time!

Okay, I’ve seen it all now…amazing!  Shout out to thatsmybiz1 at Bossip for this story.