Awww. Look at Joe Cleezy’s Newborn Baby!


Aww, look at comedian/actor Joe (you can call me crazy Joe) Clair’s lil’ newborn baby.  Got this from his Facebook page.

Would be nice if the brotha would let us know the baby’s name.


I know ya’ll know Joe–BET’s Rap City, Take the CakeMY FIRST MOVIE!

Funny brotha.  Came through for me at the last minute to star in my first directorial debut. In fact, lots of folks came through for me:

Bill Toliver (actor)… as Reverend, Henry Lee Thomas
Margaret Avery (Academy Award nominee: The Color Purple)… as wife, Dorinda Thomas
Nadia Turner (American Idol: Season 4 finalist)… Kayla
Joe Clair (Comedian/B.E.T.’s Rap City, Take the Cake)… Jewels
Debra Wilson (MADtv, Scary Movie 4)
Deezer D (ER, CB4)
Marion Ramsey (Police Academy Franchise)
Aloma Wright (Scrubs, The Gospel)
Johnny “Bookman” Brown (Goodtimes)
Sam Sarpong (Love Don’t Cost A Thing, Yo Mama!)
Tico Wells (The Five Heartbeats)
Omar Gooding
Melba Moore, Al Jarreau

Y’all go peep it at Amazon.  Cute lil’ film.


  • Melba Moore

    I want everyone to support Mr.Shavar Ross

    Have a Happy Holiday with family this year
    Love Melba Moore