Breakthrough Ninja-Style Warfare Prayer – Part 1 (Spirit-Filled Edition)


In this article, I will show you a prayer style that will bring you an emergency breakthrough if implemented. I will not be able to go in depth in this short article but the information should be enough to get you started.

Some of you may not understand parts of this post but it’s perfectly understandable. There are many forms of prayer and I will do my best to cover more articles on the topic. This particular article is for those who consider themselves “spirit-filled” as they will understand what I mean when I reference certain things but anyone from any walk of life can benefit from this prayer.

The only thing I can say is that this form of prayer works. In fact, any form of prayer works. You may not see the answer right away. In fact, the answer may not be what you wanted, but God answers all prayer. Most of the time, people think that God did not answer their prayers. The reality is that they were not in tune with the answer when it came. Because of the cares of this world, most are not in tune with the spiritual things of God. It can be difficult for us all to be “in tune.”

But know that God hears and answers all of your prayers.

Now, this particular prayer technique (if you will) works best when it becomes a lifestyle, actually.  I would like to eventually compile the full details of it in a book one day, God willing, but here’s the jist of it.

Step 1 – Be Still. The first thing you have to do is place yourself in a position where you can be spiritually in tune with God.  Learning to be still will quiet your spirit and reveal to you that the problems you think you have are quite trivial.

Now don’t get caught up into my words and let it turn you off from benefiting from this article.  I say in tune with God.  You may say in tune with the “Universe,” lol.  You may say in tune with “yourself.” You may say in tune with “mother earth.”  You may say in tune with your “Christ-like nature.”  You may say in tune with “The Holy Ghost.”  All of these phrases are irrelevant to me and I’m not intimidated or concerned with Christian terminology, self-help sayings, motivational speaking lingo, New Age talk or whatever, lol.  It really IS all irrelevant.  It’s kinda like the “F” word.  It’s not a curse word, actually, but you can use the word to curse someone.  But the word itself is not the curse.  It’s just a word.  The curse comes from the motives and intent of the person’s heart and how they use the word–and that’s what God is concerned about.

So is “hate” considered a curse word?  Not necessarily.  But you can say “I hate you” to someone and that can be a far worse CURSE than some kid skateboarder in your neighborhood nonchalantly using the “F” word, lol.  Anyway, so please don’t get caught up in the “lingo.”

I may say things that may sound like “Christian talk” but it’s only because I consider myself a Christian but I don’t necessarily have to use the lingo in order for me to get my point across.  Unfortunately for many Christians, anything that doesn’t sound like “Christian talk” is brushed off as evil, weird, and worldly.  LOL.  Okay, let me get to the point.  Step one.  BE STILL.  Worrying about any given situation will get you no where.  Find a quiet place, sit down and do nothing, literally, lol.  Close your eyes.  Be still.

Step 2 – The Prayer of Thanksgiving.  You should never ask God for anything without first thanking him for what you already have.  If you’ve taken the time to “be still,” thanking God for your current blessings should come easier for you.  Know that things in your life could be worse.  Also, realize that God already knows your situation before you even ask him. Thanking him for your life, health, family, protection and other things shows him that you appreciate the fact that your life is not as bad as your mind is making it out to be.

You see, the mind can be synonymous with “the flesh,” especially if your thoughts have taken over your happiness.  If no flesh shall glory in his presence, how can you flourish in the things of God unless your mind is first detoxed?  In order for you to flush it, clear it, detox it, renew it, the mind must first be still.  And it starts with you.  You’ve got to first be still and know that God is God.

I will touch on Part 2 next week since I see this post is getting long already!  This whole prayer session could be completed in 20 minutes and extended up to 40 and eventually 60 minutes or more.  You can focus on utilizing Part 1 and 2 for now. Try to spend 5 minutes on each part everyday this week.   Even with these two parts, you will notice a difference in your life.  Hope this helps you.

Breakthrough Ninja-Style Warfare Prayer – Part 2 (Spirit-Filled Edition)

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