Love That Girl! New TV Show This Fall


Check out “Love That Girl!” Tatyana Ali stars as Tyana Jones in the new, sexy sitcom, Love That Girl! Check out Tyana’s Vlog “Tyana’s World” to find out why we LOVE THAT GIRL!

Plot: Recent divorcee, Tyana Jones returns home to Southern California, in search of a fresh new start, career and independence. In this new “single” (again) phase of her life, Tyana is joined by her lifelong best friend, Nefertiti, her unpredictable but loving brother Latrell, and always supportive father (Phil Morris), Delroy Jones along with a host of hilarious, colorful characters. Tyana is sweet, sexy, smart and far from perfect… LOVE THAT GIRL!

Executive Producers:  Bentley Kyle Evans, Jeff Franklin
Producers:  Tatyana Ali, Stacey Evans Morgan, Trent Gumbs and Raphael Saadiq

Musical Director: (Bringing back ol’school show music scoring like the good ol’ days of television!)
Raphael Saadiq

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UPDATE: ‘Love that Girl’ Comes to TV ONE  [READ MORE]

  • Dwacon

    Is this like that Black Odd Couple show… where you take an old concept like Marlo Thomas’ show “That Girl” and update it with a Black cast?

  • Matt

    This show reminds me more of "Just Shoot Me". Where Tatyana reminds me of Maya, her dad is almost like Jack, and the receptionist is a female version of Finch. Although, listening to the way Phill Morris is talking is like he's trying to return Jackie Chiles back to TV.

  • Jamal

    ‘Love That Girl’ could be a promising beginning for Martin Lawrence.

  • penny

    Loved the show.

    I don't watch much television anymore because I can't find many decent quality shows. . Wish we had more entertaining black shows to watch. I will definitely tune in every week for Love That Girl. Please do not take this show off. Come on TV ONE, what is the point of you being a black station if you are not providing us with new material that we want to see. I enjoy the repeats of the old shows, but it's refreshing to see new material. I remember when I couldn't wait for a particular day of the week so that I could see my favorite shows like the Jeffersons, Martin, Living Single, Good TImes, and so many other great black shows. It would be wonderful to have that feeling again.

  • Richard

    I am disappointed in this latest Martin Lawrence venture. This show features stereotypical behavior that sets us back once again. It shows a Father figure out of touch witrh his kids, a unemployed black son (who makes no attempt to pursue anything), and lets not talk about the receptionist at the "professional" real estate office. Do not get me wrong I enjoy a good comedy, but not at the expense of those who were trailblazers at breaking the stereotypes that the media had always protrayed i.e. Cosby Show, Different World. We should not sacrifice our dignity just for a laugh.

  • Niketta Dailey

    "Love that girl "

    I believe this show has potential. The writers need to take time out and read what they are writing. They need to know who watches the show and write for them. I would like to see the show advance please do better so I can watch it. I am more than happy to give suggestions. i would be horoned to help the african american entertainers get a real black comedy on the major channels. I want to see Tatyana Ali be on her own and do as well as her big brother Will Smith has done. let me know if you need any suggestions. I am ready when you are.

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    How many episodes will air five? bet gets you hooked on a show and then the show goes off after 5 episodes. I will watch the show just to support Martin (i love him ) and i wish the show well .

  • SWB

    I hate the show. Tyana seems to have lost her acting skills. It’s not funny at all. I’m very disappointed in Martin Lawrence. He should have kept Nia Long for Tyana’s role on the show. I don’t like alllllll the stereotypes. I just hate it. Her brother is so not funny…nor is the ghetto receptionist. The show is horrible…needs a whole new cast with people who are funny & can act!!

  • dec

    When will I laugh? Not even funny!

  • Edwin

    This show is terrible and embarrassing.

  • onika

    They should take notes from "Love that Girl" or even Tyler Perry. The "ghetto girl " and gay characters are over the top insulting stereotypes that have be overdone. The show about the girl wanting to be a nun who quickly changes her mind after attending a pole dancing class was shallow and insulting. In addition It is not funny. Some good actors, but bad script. Even the old retro Good Times TV Show had some good social commentary and funny lines. I prefer to watch reruns of Half and Half



  • InTheLou

    This is argubly the worst show on the tube. There's nothing funny about it and it's the usual stereotypical depiction of Blacks. Sorry Martin, you missed the boat on this one.

  • Lomia

    I love the show, and it is funny!!! and it's nice to see some new GOOD ACTORS for a change.

  • Yvette J. Elmore

    I can be funny at times but I think they over the top or extreme with the stereotypical character of the receptionis and the brother. I like Tatiana Ali and Phillip Morris. I always liked him when he apeared for sometime on The Young & The Restless. Now the receptionist (WTF) how in the world did she break into the business. There are enough girls that are like that in real life and that act the same. I guess they should be movie stars also. Maybe it is not that difficult to break in the business these days. I feel she (receptionist) insulted the people in the hood of Baltimore, MD because she said on Kathy Hughes interview that she learned some of her skills from going to the markets in Baltimore. What are you trying to say "ghetto."

  • mariebrown

    i really enjoy the show i like all the actors ande actress in ths sitcom i like Tatiana when she was fresh prince this show is funny come on TV one please but the show back on guest